Want to go on your dream solo trip but need help making it happen?


Karen’s passion for travel was sparked early on.

From a very young age, she would tear the Sunday newspaper apart looking for the travel section, which she would devour!

At 15, she researched, planned, and booked her first overseas trip (to Paris and Madrid), for her family.  This was well before the internet, and internet-based travel booking existed.

That trip to Spain and France cemented her.

The next summer, at 16, she backpacked around Europe solo and has not stopped ever since.

Her personal travels have taken her to over 50 countries, spanning six continents, and in a variety of travel styles from adventure backpacking (both independently and with a group), budget travel, packaged tours, luxury travel, and solo globetrotting.  

Some of Karen’s favorite countries include Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Myanmar, Thailand, Peru, and Argentina.  Additionally, she has abroad on four different continents.

With almost 20 years in the professional travel industry, Karen is an industry.  Her professional travel career has been multi-dimensional, from travel sales and booking to customer service to personalized travel planning.  Some of the companies she has worked for include STA Travel and Airbnb. During the span of her career, she has built professional relationships with hotels, hostels, Airbnb hosts, flight booking services, travel insurance companies, other travel bloggers/travel industry professionals, and tour operators all over the world.

While roaming the world, Karen enjoys taking photos, wandering around cities and getting lost, checking out street art, eating, and checking out all of the local varieties of public transportation.
She calls California her home and Spain her “soul home.”

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