Not a day goes by where I do not get a question about how to best travel in Spain.  Sometimes the potential client ends up hiring me to help plan their trip here, and sometimes not.  But that is ok because it shows that people respect my professional opinion about traveling in Spain (as well as traveling in general).

I am super fortunate that I have been able to build a business out of my passion.  It is now officially my job to promote Spain as a travel destination and help people make the most of their holidays to this beautiful country.

Therefore it is such an honor that David, of David Perry & Associates, recently wrote a press release about my professional travel industry background, my business, and my big move to Madrid.  David crafted this so well, using his beautiful writing style to explain how I converted my obsession with Spain and enthusiasm as a globe-trotter into my livelihood.

To read it, simply follow this link directly to their website where it is housed (and live).  Big thanks to David, his husband Alfredo, and everyone else who believes in and supports my business.  Being self-employed means constantly hustling, having to prove your worth, and growing a successful business 24/7.  And it is so satisfying to have such a marvelous piece that was written about Solo World Wanderer.  It is one of my biggest professional honors to date.

And hey, maybe you landed here because you need help planning a trip to Spain.  Let’s connect.  Please fill out this form to get started.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than making Spanish travel dreams a reality regardless of budget and timeframe.


My name is Karen & travel is not only my passion but also my profession.