Traveling in Myanmar During the Rohingya Crisis

And just like that, all of the sudden I was traveling in the most controversial country on this planet. Myanmar, a place I'd say many Americans had never heard of, was in the center of global news. And suddenly I was getting all sorts of flack for my travels. From...

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Review: Overnight bus from Yangon to Bagan (Myanmar)

Before arriving in Myanmar, I heard mixed reviews about the long distance busses.  But Myanmar is a big country, and if you're adventurous like me, traveling on a tight budget, overnight busses are the cheapest and most time efficient way to get around.  So I decided...

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The list I’ve always avoided writing: Top Five Countries

Important Note: This list has already changed and probably will again.  The most recent update can be found here. (Sorry, Thailand...) For years now, I've avoided making a top five of favorite countries list.  Why?  Countries are diverse, no matter how small or large,...

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A Love Letter To Sri Lanka

Dear Sri Lanka, Long ago, I started having the itch to visit your beautiful land. In my mind, I saw colonial architecture, tea terraces for miles, Indian Ocean beaches, elephants, and jungled highlands out of a fantasy landscape. Finally, this year, while traveling in...

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My Favorite Splurges as a Budget Traveler

When I travel, I do so on a budget. Five stars, fancy meals, ultimate luxury are not really my style. No, I am not always looking for the cheapest of the cheap.  And I have certain must-have amenities (ie air conditioning in Southeast Asia).  Dorm rooms in a hostel...

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Viaje a Cuba pronto (travel to Cuba soon)

For several weeks now, we have been hearing that the Trump administration is considering making changes to Obama's Cuba travel policy.  These changes would not totally prohibit US passport holders from all travel to Cuba, but would limit how we can visit the country,...

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