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Quitting my job to travel the world - Solo World Wanderer

Sometimes that is the hardest, scariest thing in the world.  But I’ve found myself in the position where it’s now or never.  Considering I do not have any children to support, nothing (except for my cat, who will always be well cared for) to tie me down, and a little money saved up, I decided it is time.

I officially quit my “day job” with a few loose plans; travel to cheap places, teach English on the go, run my little travel consulting business from the road, network with friends and colleagues who are also digital nomads to get ideas for more work as I go, and of course (the big one) finally buckle down and learn Spanish.  

This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  Jumping off a cliff, and a cliff that provides for you fairly well financially, was terrifying.  Especially when you happen to live in one of the most expensive cities on this planet.

But here I go.  First up will be my long awaited return to Southeast Asia, as traveling is still affordable there. This flight is booked and I am going early next month!  From there, most likely Mexico or Central America for intensive (and cheap) Spanish lessons.  All while traveling of course.  Spain is where I will celebrate the holidays and ring in 2018.  From there, we will see where this crazy life takes me.

With very little income coming in, yet huge dreams, I am excited to discover what this world has in store for me!


My name is Karen & travel is not only my passion but also my profession.