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Spain is the Best Country in the World to Travel To: Reasons why Spain is Splendid! - Solo World Wanderer

Recently the World Economic Forum declared that Spain is the best country in the world to travel to. Here at Solo World Wanderer HQ in Madrid, I can’t say we disagree with that!  Spain has so much to offer so it is no wonder that took this highest honor.

Instead of writing about Spain’s multitude of sites, cities, and destinations, I am giving some concrete reasons as to why I personally agree that Spain is 100% splendid and is the perfect travel destination.

The ease of traveling around makes getting around Spain simple

Although Spain is a large country, getting around is easy.  With an array of busses, trains, ferries, and domestic flights, you can easily eat breakfast in Madrid and lunch in Málaga.

Not only does Spain’s public transportation reach nearly every corner of the country, but it is generally safe, clean, efficient, and on-time.  Any country that claims to be the best country in the world to travel to needs excellent transportation.  And Spain has that in abundance.

For more tips and tricks related to getting around Spain, see my earlier post dedicated to that.

Out the window of an AVE Train in Spain

The views out the window of a high-speed AVE train somewhere between Madrid and Barcelona. High speed rail makes Spain the best country to travel to

Spain is the best country in the world to travel to because it is still a travel bargain

While other European countries have the reputation of being pricey, Spain is still affordable.

You do get more bang for your buck here in Spain.  Outside of the major two cities, it is possible to stay at nicer hotels for under 100€ per night.  And make sure not to overdo it on those 1,50€ beers and 2€ glasses of really good Spanish wine.  Furthermore, a lot of time those cheap drinks come with a free tapa!

Spain truly is the best country in the world to travel to for travelers on just about any budget.  

Beautiful from every angle, Spain is still a budget friendly destination. Cádiz (pictured) is one of Spain’s best bargains

Spain’s Friendly and Festive Nature

While it’s true that Spaniards are loud and often brusk, they are also friendly and welcoming.

Even when I am traveling around other regions of Spain as a solo traveler, it’s easy to make friends.  Just elbow yourself up to the tapas bar and join the fun.  You will have new friends in Spain right away too!

In smaller cities and towns, people still greet each other, including strangers, with a friendly “hola!” or “buenas!” on the sidewalk.  And because Spain is such a society oriented toward friends and family, you will quickly feel that warmth as it is extended to everyone.

Come visit Spain and see for yourself what a friendly country it is!

Spain is festive, friendly, and colorful. Why not visit for yourself?

The diverse regions are a big reason why Spain is the best country in the world to travel to

Have two weeks vacation and want to try to go to five countries in Europe? (Professional hint: Don’t.)  Spain is the solution to wanting to see it all.

Spain is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural country.  From Galicia to Alicante, all of Spain’s regions are different and diverse.  About 500 years ago, Spain was not one country but was several small kingdoms.  When Spain became Spain, all of these small kingdoms became part of Spain.  (Today some are not happy about that, but that is a different story).  The result: an incredibly diverse country.

Want to practice your Spanish?  Don’t only go to Barcelona as they speak Catalan there.  Looking for what most people think of when they think of Spanish culture? Make sure to visit Andalucía, Spain’s southernmost region.  

Ourense, in Spain’s northwestern Galicia region. Very different from the image of Spain many have

The top-notch food and drinks help make Spain the best country in the world to travel to

When you think of world food destinations, Italy, India, Thailand, and France often come to mind.  But put Spain on that list too!

Although it has not been as good at marketing itself as its neighbor to the north (France), Spain produces world-class food and wine.  Pork lovers rejoice, jamón (ham) is pretty much the national food, and it is so special that it is illegal to import into the US. And with so many locally produced cheese, 26 of them classified as protected designation of origin, Spain is heaven for aficionados of the queso.

And let’s talk about wine for a moment too.  Spain’s wine industry is one of the best in the world, with wines for all tastes to choose from.  All that wine is not too expensive.  As I mentioned above it is possible to get a good glass of wine for 2€ in many places.  Traveling with a friend, a partner or a group?  You might want to consider ordering a whole bottle!

Now it’s clear why Spain is the best country in the world to travel to

So what’s stopping you from visiting Spain?  If you’re concerned about planning it and making the most of your time here, look no further.  I can help!  Based in Madrid with nearly 20 years of experience in the professional travel industry, handcrafting unique itineraries for Spain is my passion.  Let’s get in touch!  Simply fill out the form on this page to contact me and I will get back to you shortly.

Let’s make that Spanish travel dream a reality!




My name is Karen & travel is not only my passion but also my profession.