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Spain off the beaten path: five incredible towns you can't miss! - Solo World Wanderer

Have the desire to explore Spain off the beaten path? Here are some of Spain’s not to miss towns.  I’ve traveled all over Spain (of course I have! I work as a Spain travel planner) These towns were handpicked by me for their architecture, culture, food, and vistas.

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Everyone knows that Granada is one of my favorite cities in Spain.  But it is not exactly “Spain off the beaten path.”  Meet Altea! On Spain’s Costa Blanca, Altea looks like a small Granada by the sea.

Whitewashed houses with Mediterranean views, this is one of the Costa Blanca’s more off the beaten path towns.  With authentic Spanish charms that many of the larger beach cities do not have, Altea is the perfect stop for travelers who want those Mediterranean vibes coupled with Spain’s enchantment.

Altea insider tip: Tiny El Petenero Bakery has some of the best pastries I’ve ever had in Spain.

Altea, Spain

Altea’s whitewashed houses dipping into the Mediterranean Sea on Spain’s Costa Blanca


If living out your Don Quixote fantasies is what you’re after, then missing Consuegra would be tragic! And go soon, this off the beaten path town in Spain is becoming popular as an alternative day trip from Madrid.

Less than two hours from Madrid by car, Consuegra is where Spain’s best Cervantes-style windmills are.  Not only you can pretend to the protagonist as you hop from windmill to windmill, headed toward the castle, but Consuegra also offers beautiful views of Spain’s vast plains of La Mancha.

Consuegra insider tip: If you’re into chasing sunsets, Consuegra’s sunsets over the La Manchan plains are epic.

Windmills of Consuegra, Spain

Live out those wildest Don Quixote fantasies in Consuegra, Spain


Renting a car and exploring Andalucía’s pueblos blancos will give you an authentic taste of the South of Spain off the beaten path.  And Grazalema is my personal favorite of the towns.

Nestled in the green Sierra de Grazalema, Grazalema’s small streets are to die for.  Be sure to enjoy the slow pace of life at a terrace cafe in Grazalema’s tiny Plaza Mayor.  And if cheese is what you are after, Grazalema produces some of the world’s best called Payoyo.

Grazalema insider tip: Spending the night at one of Grazalema’s casa rurales will provide an incredible, localized experience.

Grazalema, Spain's small plaza mayor

Terrace cafes in Grazalema, Spain’s main square

Arenas de Cabrales

Speaking of cheese and in this case, pungent blue cheese, Arenas de Cabrales in Asturias is where you can find it.  The North of Spain is known for being Spain’s #1 gastronomical region.  And an Asturian (and Galician! And Cantabrian!) road trip is a must for delicious food and amazing scenery.

With just about everything to satisfy cheese lovers, Arenas de Cabrales offers more than that.  Beautiful architecture, loads of opportunities to hike nearby, and friendly locals, this little town is worth the drive to get there.

Arenas de Cabrales insider tip: The patatas de Cabrales at the local restaurants here are to die for!

Cabrales, Spain

Aside from great cheese, Arenas de Cabrales has colorful buildings and great views!


If you’ve seen photos of it, is no surprise that Albaraccín was voted the most beautiful pueblo in Spain in 2018.  Just look at this post’s header for more affirmation.

Albarccín’s rusty pink tinted houses flanked by dramatic mountains of Aragón makes it breathtaking.  Part of the Teruel province, this is a great place to try some of Spain’s famous jamón.  Be sure to bring your camera with an empty memory card because you are going to use it here!  Albaraccín also makes for a good starting point to explore some of Aragón’s best nature.

Albarracín insider tip: For the postcard-worthy views of the town and the natural landscape, you will need to hike to the mirador on the grounds of the old castle.  Part of the path is rocky, good footwear is a must.


Albaraccín, Spain

The rusty pink tinted buildings in Albarracín, Spain

Those are just a few of Spain’s spectacular off-the-beaten-path towns

Is your Spain wanderlust fueled yet? Have you already traveled to Spain but want to return to see more of the country? The good news is, you can find authentic and beautiful towns all over Spain.  I can recommend more of these lesser known places based on your preferences and timeframe for your trip to Spain.  Let’s get in touch to set up a Spain travel consultation.



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