Karen is the most well-traveled person I know, and so when I unexpectedly had a week off in between jobs and wanted to travel, she was the first person I asked for a recommendation on where to go. Despite only having a general sense of what I wanted (somewhere warm, seeing as it was January in Chicago at the time), Karen came through with flying colors.

Her recommendation of Panama was absolutely perfect – she gave me tons of suggestions that helped me plan the perfect trip for what I wanted. If you want to see parts of the world that even the guide books don’t cover in detail, Karen is the one to talk to.

– Jordan Speizer, Speizer Software

Karen was an incredible travel partner on our honeymoon to Spain. We had planned to visit several cities in our 10 day trip, and her suggestions were spot-on.  We told her a bit about our travel style and some of our “must-sees” in each city, and she told us all the tricks – which sites to see early or late, suggestions for best routes that involved interesting neighborhoods, incredible food options, and all the off-the beaten path treats that the guidebooks don’t tell you about, especially best neighborhoods to stay in for the type of atmosphere we prefer.

Our trip was that much more special because of Karen’s intuitive recommendations. I can’t wait to travel with her as a guide again!

– Heather

I consulted Karen for my trips to Cuba and Spain and she was super helpful! I told her the amount of days that our trips would be and she helped me tailor the trips in a way that would best take advantage of my time. She knows which places need 2 days to see and which ones could be a day trip. Karen also helped me organise the itinerary in a way that we could go on side trips to see small villages or tobacco farms. Karen’s experience in the travel industry helped in so many ways: booking a place to stay with Airbnb (even recommending specific ones), figuring out phone service, ground transportation, which reservations to book months in advance (The Alhambra), what time of the year to go in terms of weather, and even films and books to prepare for the trips. 

Karen is sweet, thorough and accessible. She has a love for travel that comes through when she is consulting. I would highly recommend working with her and I will come back to work with her again!

– Carina

Karen saved our trip to Thailand. A family member’s travel agent booked us all on a standard cookie cutter tour of Thailand. By the time we arrived in Chiang Mai, my partner and I realized this is not the kind of travel we enjoy or wish to support. We needed to rework trip immediately so we reached out to Karen and she responded very quickly. Her expertise was indispensable. It was because of her, we had a more authentic travel experience even going to a sanctuary where we could humanely interact with elephants. Karen has been instrumental in booking air for me and my large (and sometimes) difficult family for many years. From simple roundtrip fares to complicated multi-country, around-the-world trips, she can always offer us so many more air options than an internet travel booking site. Karen has endless knowledge of the places to check out, has probably been there herself, and can provide a very personalized experience to any group.

Contact her today for all your travel needs! ¡Buen Viaje!

– Joseph

I was fortunate enough to have Karen’s assistance in planning 3 different international trips and her extensive knowledge in each country made for amazing trips. The first was my honeymoon in Barcelona and Marrakech. Karen provided us with some great tips for places to visit especially in Barcelona. We can’t thank her enough for helping us live like locals and truly embrace the Catalonian way of life. She also provided us with great tips for the airports so that we had a smooth trip.

The second trip Karen helped us plan was a group trip to Thailand, specifically to Koh Samui. She knew all the places to go and where to avoid the overly cheesy tourist areas. We had the best time and enjoyed some day trips to smaller islands that we never would’ve known about without Karen’s expert advice.

The third trip was a Europe trip with my best friend. Karen was a huge help on this one with not only helping us plan a wide array of activities in each location but she also made sure we didn’t overbook ourselves. This was the first time to Europe for my friend and my first time outside of going to Barcelona so we were both very ambitious but Karen helped us find a good middle ground in which we got to see a wide array of places and still get to enjoy each one. She was also a HUGE stress relief when we realized we had a super tight connection for our flight home but thanks to her knowledge of the airport and systems she reassured us that we would be ok to make our connection. Just having that peace of mind made the trip home so much less stressful (and she was right, we had ample time).

Best of all thanks to her extensive travel experience she has first-hand knowledge of many countries and cities.  This is immensely helpful when you’re trying to figure out things like where to stay because sometimes you can’t tell if an area is safe to stay in or if that 2 mile walk is all uphill.  I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to plan a unique trip, anyone can book a bunch of group tours but if you really want to see a country and embrace it like a local Karen is the one to go to. She also will work with you to make sure your trip is custom for you and what you like, not just some cookie cutter package. 

 So if you’re looking for help curating a unique and amazing trip look no further than Karen.

– Seana

I feel so fortunate to have had Karen‘s assistance in booking my recent international trip to Israel! After spending literally hours online trying to piece together a trip, complicated by long layovers and restrictions trying to use my miles, I grew very frustrated and opted to consult Karen.

What started out to be a hugely stressful and time-consuming experience quickly turned into a positive one with Karen’s help! Karen responded quickly to all of my questions and concerns and was able to, with ease, book me a non-stop round trip ticket to my destination, arriving and departing at the exact times I needed… Not only that, but throughout the process, Karen provided valuable information and recommendations regarding international travel specific to my trip.

Karen has such a wealth of knowledge professionally, as well as from her extensive personal travel experiences. With her kind approach and vast expertise, Karen is the person to go to for any travel need! Thank you so much, Karen!

– Jill