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Reasons To Hire a Professional to Help With Travel Planning - Solo World Wanderer

Travel planning really is a full-time job.  Currently, I am juggling preparing dream trips for my clients while sorting my own upcoming travels.  After a full day of working with clients to book flights (through the agency I am affiliated with, Azzurro Travel) design itineraries, and respond to their emails asking for travel tips, I tend to spend the entire evening trying to piece together three of my own trips (travel consultants are always on the road doing research).  It is all a lot of work, but I have my professional resources at my fingertips, which really helps.  Though I do it professionally (and I really do love my job!), I still sometimes wish that I had someone to do the work for me because it really is like having another full-time job.

There is a common misconception that outsourcing help in order to help plan your trip is a luxury only for the rich and famous.  But all types of travelers, including budget travelers, can benefit from the help of a professional.

If you are on the fence about hiring someone to help plan your trip, let me give you just a few reasons why employing the expertise of a travel consultant or professional travel agent with a proven track record is worth it

We have professional expertise and professional training: You wouldn’t go to a non-licensed massage therapist, dentist, or esthetician, so why would you trust anyone but a professional to plan your trip? Not only has a professional probably traveled to where you are going, but we also have exclusive access to a wide array of travel products and a large network of industry contacts worldwide.  Although we can always help you plan a trip anywhere in the world, in addition, we are often experts in certain destinations.

We can tailor your trip to suit your needs:  We know that every trip and every traveler is unique. Looking for a tailormade itinerary for your trip?  We can build that for you.  Trying to get more off-the-beaten-track? We can help you plan trips that take you to much more hidden corners of the globe.  Have a really tight timeframe and budget?  We can maximize your time and give you tips to make sure your money goes as far as possible. This is your trip and therefore it should be customized especially for you

We can save you so much time: Travel research is so time-consuming.  This is something that all travelers know.  Some of my clients simply hire me to research certain parts of their trip, including (but not limited to) stopovers, city breaks, or accommodation options.  Having someone to do a little research and some legwork for you can save you so much time

We can often save you money too: It is true that we don’t work for free.  But that does not necessarily mean that hiring a professional will end up costing you more.  In fact, we can often save you money.  Several tour companies, including G Adventures, Intrepid Travel offer generous discounts from time to time and on specific trips.  Many of these special rates are only valid if booked through a professional travel agent. Special prices aside, we can also provide you with money-saving tips specifically for your destination.

We really can get you the best flights possible: Whether we work on Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, or Worldspan, our travel agent software may be old-school but it is still more powerful than any booking site on the internet.  We can offer you so many more options than any online site could ever dream of by piecing flight segments together, playing around with city pairs and stopovers, and combining fare classes to find the best flights to suit your needs.  Many travel agencies, mine included, have special contracted rates on flights that are especially useful for trying to find a deal in premium economy or even business class.

All types of travelers, including budget travelers, can benefit from the services of a true professional. Want to talk with a professional? I’d be happy to help, and I offer (free) 30-minute initial consulting sessions.  Simply fill out this form to get started and I will be in touch within 1-2 business days to schedule a time to chat with you.  I can help my clients with as much or as little as they need: from tailor-made itineraries (anywhere!) to flight bookings to travel research, and so much more.  This is your trip and together we can make sure it is customized just for you.


The Innards of ticketing a flight. Sabre is a powerful tool that only professional travel agents can use.


My name is Karen & travel is not only my passion but also my profession.