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Welcome to my New Site! - Solo World Wanderer
Well hello there. Welcome to my revamped website. I apologize for the long downtime and construction.  But it is finally here and I am excited to unveil the new Solo World Wanderer 2.0, inspired by the colors and textures of my favorite place, Spain!

There is something about Spain that has been attracting travelers for years.  And what is there not to love? Yes, Spain is home to beautiful beaches (and there really are several drop-dead gorgeous ones), vibrant cities, world-class art museums, quaint historical towns, and some beautiful landscapes dotted with olive trees as far as the eye can see.  And then there is that wine! And that food! The olive oil from Jaén is similar to the Albariño wine from Galicia in that you could easily drink both directly from the bottle.

But Spain is so much more than only that.  Spain is a crossroads, a meeting of distinct cultures, a country where you can find a magnificent Renaissance palace built on top of a Moorish fairytale castle, for better or worse. That’s the most awesome thing about modern-day Spain.  You can travel within its borders, yet it feels like taking a multinational trip. In some places in the country, the de facto language isn’t even Spanish!

Unfortunately, this also leads to the most common “travel mistake” I see on so many Spain itineraries: going to a flamenco show in Barcelona.  Do not be ashamed if you have personally done this; you are far from the only one and in reality, we’ve all made travel mistakes. I could base an entire blog post on the travel fouls I’ve personally committed.  But this is a common one is something I will steer my clients clear of, and instead, give them better alternatives. Why? Because I want my clients to see the very best of Spain whether they have two days or two years in Spain.  And trust me on this one, a flamenco show in Barcelona ain’t it.

It is no secret that I love Spain.  It is where I found myself, left my soul, and have chosen as my home away from my California home. And it is my goal to share that love with you.   Not only my paid travel consulting clients but all of you! And Spain was my #1 inspiration not only in redesigning my site and rebranding my business but also in so many ways of rebranding my entire life.  

That leads me to the re-brand of my life (also big news).  I have officially and legally moved to Spain and am now a proud resident of Madrid! That means that I am finally an expat again.  But really, not that much will change.  I plan on retaining my digital nomad lifestyle, working and traveling the globe.  The big difference is that Spain is my base now, not California.

I am still the Solo WORLD Wanderer.  Travel is my #1 love, solo travel being my holy grail, and I have been all over the world.  Despite “falling for” Spain, there are so many other places that I love. With over 50 stamps in my expired and current passports, I can easily rattle off a list of places that I loved: Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Peru, Myanmar, Paris, Buenos Aires, the Galápagos Islands just to name a few.

My extensive personal travels coupled with my nearly 20 years of professional travel industry experience is what I can bring to my clients.  Being a such a long-term veteran of the industry and being through so many changes has granted me with the knowledge, expertise, and experience that my clients need to help make their worldwide travel dreams come true. Whether it is itinerary building, helping choose a destination, travel research, searching for flights, or anything else travel related, I can help save you time and money and do as much (or as little) as you need me to do.  Thanks to my partnership with Azzurro Travel, I now offer full travel agency services as well. Contact me to set up an introductory travel consult, book a flight, or get started on planning that dream trip!

With the hopes providing more travel inspiration and continuing to grow my business, I am so thrilled to present the new Solo World Wanderer (2.0).  Here’s to millions of more frequent flyer miles!

(Big thanks to Kate Decker, my awesome designer.  She even followed my #1 request which was only using my own photos for this site.  She was amazing to work with and I 100% recommend her for all of your business needs!)


My name is Karen & travel is not only my passion but also my profession.